Building a Post Tension Concrete Tennis Court

1. Find a reliable and experienced contractor for constructing post-tensioned concrete tennis courts. WELCOME TO TMT
2. Clear the area where the tennis court will be constructed, set up your laser bring out the laser grader and start flattening the surface
3. Build the sub-base using crushed stone or gravel to ensure proper drainage.
4. Install the steel reinforcement, and place the concrete
5. Let the concrete dry for several days, then tension the cables using a hydraulic jack.
6. As a general rule you wait 28 days before we come back and apply an acrylic surface of whichever colors you may choose from. We Get our

Paint from a Company called Nova and we will have a paint color card or you can look on their website. Blue and green being the two most popular colors whether it be a tennis court or pickleball court.

You also have to build the forms all around the court so when the concrete gets poured it stops there. They have to be perfectly straight in length and in height.