How to Build an Asphalt Court

1. Excavate and grade the area where you want to build the tennis court.
2. Pour a base layer of crushed stone or gravel and compact it to provide a sturdy foundation.
3. Apply a binder layer of asphalt concrete over the base layer.
4. Apply a second, more refined layer of asphalt concrete.
5. Install tennis court posts, net, and line striping.
6. Apply a surface sealer to protect the court from UV rays and water.

Benefits of Asphalt Courts:
1. Lower initial cost when compared to post tension concrete courts.
2. Requires less maintenance than clay courts, and Resurfacing can be done every 5-8 years to keep the court in good condition.
3. Provides a better grip for players and requires less effort to change directions.
4. Dries quickly after rain and can be used shortly afterwards.

Expense of Asphalt Courts compared to Post Tension Concrete courts:
Generally, Asphalt courts are cheaper as compared to post tension concrete courts.

Typical Warranty on an Asphalt Tennis Court:
The typical warranty for an asphalt tennis court is about one to two years for workmanship, application, and materials. However, the warranty period may vary based on the type of surface materials used, and the specific warranty offered by the manufacturer or contractor. It is always recommended to ask for a written warranty and to review it carefully before making a final decision on building a tennis court.